Yeah Yeah Happy New Year to you too!

It's officially the day of declaration.  The time has come to stop or start doing one or many of those things that concern or excite you.  Cliched as they may be, I for one am all for New Year's resolutions.  The demarcation of the day provides a simple opportunity to reevaluate and gear up for some sort of change.  I offer three of mine and invite any to share them with me, but certainly ask all to encourage and push me toward their fulfillment.

  1. I resolve to aggressively increase my knowledge and understanding to consciously live in a way that through every purchase and all consumption I will not cause or sustain misery and suffering on anyone. 
  2. I resolve that by June 1st we will either be in formal partnership with an existing non-profit organization engaged in textile reform, or will be in the process of beginning one. 
  3. I resolve by the end of September to be part of an established upcycled clothing manufacturing link from Haiti to Vashon where Pepe (second hand clothing) is transformed from a debilitating burden to a resource that produces high value ready to wear clothing for the U.S. market.
These three concepts will drive much of the content of the posts to come this year.  I ask any and all to aid in these pursuits, even if it's taking the lead and letting us follow.  I would love to know your resolutions and share the opportunity to encourage one another in pursuing change and a better world.

Please let's make this a year that we and all work together selflessly, equitably and effectively.  

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  1. fantastic resolutions! i wish you all the luck in the world in achieving them. one of my resolutions is to try to inspire more people to make their own clothes and dress themselves ethically.
    x isis


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