The pace of Peace on Earth is CRAZY!

So it has been several weeks of busyness and craziness since the last posting. I have felt a bit of conviction in that time. The conviction has been that in trying hard to be motivated and spark change, I have found myself gobbled up in the effort to just keep up with this time of year. To be fair, and make myself feel a little bit better, it is, as mentioned, a CRAZY time of year. And to push that fairness on a little more it is CRAZY trying to fight the CRAZINESS! So in the midst of all the crazy fighting and trying I stumbled onto, with the help of a friend, a website many have already found. In the course of finding this "new" thing, I have been reminded of several "old" things about which I have sort of lost sight in the whirlwind.

Jenni and I spent almost 15 years involved in the lives of teenagers. A recurring theme of encouragement to those young folks was that in the effort to do what is right, it's a group effort. If I do my part and you do your part, and we encourage each other to do our parts, everything will work out. The interesting thing about individual responsibility is that it really invokes a social contract one with another to create truly functional community. And from community it leap frogs to a bigger stage. In the presence of a world that's not working that well, it's a deal to make a better world! We are what we do is a cool and simple effort to activate a different way of being in a profoundly simple and holistic way to achieve a peaceful and equitable existence.

My plan for the next few weeks is to slow down as much as possible without getting run over or getting in the way anymore than I should. I will be focusing on the Peace on Earth part of this time of year a little more. In that effort I will spend a little more time looking at which has been a good reminder of what we have tried so hard to keep people from forgetting. CRAZY! So I vow to do my part, and Jenni hers as we lead our children to do theirs. We'll encourage you to do yours, as we'll all encourage each other to do ours.

Peace, no really, PEACE to you all.

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  1. Funny. I don't find or experience life as crazy at all. I see it as perfect. It grants us the opportunity of choice. The so-called "bad" is a perfect opposite to the so-called "good". Without opposites we wouldn't have a choice. If someone experience life as crazy and likes the drama. Fine. If one is exhausted by it - choose otherwise. I choose Peace. I can do that because of the opposite. Now, that's a brilliant design. It's perfect.

    Michon D'Artell


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