1000 words?....these better be worth more than that!

How much do we need to see? How much do we need to know? How much is enough knowledge or awareness to affect change? When do we actually engage and enact that change?

The images in these series (here are some more) are of real garment workers who may have made the clothes you and I are wearing. They sew for major labels available in all the big stores. At a ballpark average monthly salary of $24 their families probably live on less money in a month than the cost of the shirt you are wearing. They possibly worked more hours this weekend than you worked all week. They might share their kitchens and bathrooms with as many people as are in your neighborhood. They might share the only bed in their one room home with more people than you have in your family.

Look at these pictures and the read the captions. There are far less than 1000 words in the captions, but they should generate an infinite number of questions and pauses. Then please ask yourselves "how much is enough, and when is the time?"