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I have been thinking about this from the first posting on this here blog. While textiles is the topic on which Jenni and I have settled as emblematic of the struggle, there is a much bigger conversation to have. In short what needs to happen is a major overhaul of the Western conscience of consumption.

"Oh just that? What a simple thing!" you say...

Agreed, it's pretty easy once we all actually open our eyes and minds to what the world is and the place we have in it. Oh wait, that's the hard part!

But, it's not like we're trying to do the splits after a decade of couch surfing, just some toe touches, and you can bend your knees if you have to. But with a little commitment, the splits are maybe realistic in a while...maybe.

So over the next few weeks I want to throw ideas out, and I would love thoughts and comments on those ideas. These will be ideas of how to communicate the BIG PICTURE, while seeing something like textiles as a practical, tactile way of understanding the idea and the solution. Sort of like the BIG PICTURE is the 30,000 foot google earth image, and textiles (or what ever your topic of choice) is the street view.
Your help and input would be much appreciated!

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