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So only two videos as opposed to three books (I know there are more than three books in the previous posting, but catchy titles aren't my strong suit). That's because all I have been able to find is two videos that are truly informative on the topic of secondhand clothing and its global impact. The first is PEPE which traces the flow of cast-offs to Haiti and the ensuing impact on local culture, commerce and the environment in general. Contact the film makers and buy a copy, it helps promote the cause and fund the solution!

The second is T-shirt Travels, there is a link to snag-films for free viewing right at the left of this page under the title banner. T-shirt travels follows the issue in Zambia. These are great additions to any one's arsenal in acquiring knowledge and perspective. Happy viewing.

If you know of other videos or documentaries on this topic PLEASE let me know!

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