I have caved and joined the blogger world

My wife Jenni and I are diving in fully to the issues surrounding the international textile trade. If you are aware of these issues please please find this and email me what you know or who you know that we can connect with. In trying to connect with anyone who also feels they MUST respond thoughtfully to the atrocious world of international textiles I am coming up short. I am aware of TRAID in the UK, and individual companies in the States that are doing good things, but I want the equivalent of TRAID in the U.S. If it doesn't exist we WILL start it! But, if we don't have to I really don't want to.

PLEASE contact me and help start the process of making a difference. I have no need to be the lead on this, so if you or someone you know is already charging ahead on this, just put us in their path so we can charge together.


  1. Dude, you're such a hippie!! I love it.

  2. Wonderful, you guys! Am interested to learn more via your blog and see what we can also incorporate in our little fam. We are very much a thrift shop household and love them hand-me-downs. We've also worked very hard this last year to increase our awareness of reusing and recycling within ourselves and our children. An issue I will be interested in seeing addressed is how sustainable and practical solutions are for people in ALL socioeconomic brackets. I love it when I can learn from friends. :)


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